код: 580 pr
город: Castiglione della Pescaia
количество комнат: 8
пол: 340 m²
On sale, 7 km from the town of Castiglione della Pescaia, a short distance from the renowned beaches and pine forests of Rocchette and Roccamare, we offer a property of about 300 square meters, part of the ancient farm of Pian di Rocca. The rural complex, located in the center of the village, dates back to the late eighteenth century, expanded during the following century, which belonged to noble families until the middle of the last century. The estate consists of the characteristic manor house with farms and court, in the center of which there is a well.On the top floor there is the attic that extends for about 300 square meters together with the warehouse on the ground floor with an old oven, which can be used as a garage. The building, to be restored, retains a nineteenth-century charm and is unique in its kind, even for its placement on the Maremma coast. The property also includes the Chapel of Santa Rita, a small church located in a secluded position compared to the old court, probably dates back to the eighteenth century as a chapel of the historic farm, although the current appearance is the result of some restructuring occurred in the forties of the twentieth century century.
состояние: на усмотрение
поиск - продажа недвижимости
тип недвижимости:

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